Casement & Awning Windows | Lighthouse Window Series


A better outlook with Lighthouse casement windows

Designed from the ground up with Seaway’s high standards of quality in mind, the Lighthouse windows offer an unbeatable list of features like:

  • Triple weather seal to keep the elements outside.

  • Multi-point locking system - one handle locks all.

  • A contoured internal screen that snaps into place - no more messy clips/screws.

  • A wide variety of insulated glass options.

Specialty Features

  • Geared operator handle is easy to open with just one hand, even with large windows, and it folds out of the way so it won’t interfere with your blinds or other window treatments.

  • Engage multiple locking points with one single locking lever for added security.

  • Extruded full-screen frame with internal screens for easy removal. Screens snap in and for a beautiful, clean appearance… no more clips and screws to fuss with.

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