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Seaway Manufacturing Disclaimer for AWDI Installation Instructions

In accordance with guidelines set forth by the US EPA and EnergyStar, Seaway Manufacturing provides Energy-Star compliant installation instructions, developed in collaboration with the American Window and Door Institute. These instructions are available at www.installseawaywindows.com.

These instructions are based on industry-accepted best practices, and EPA/EnergyStar accepted methods for EnergyStar compliance. However, those who use them have the responsibility to apply them correctly in the appropriate situations. Seaway Manufacturing accepts no responsibility for any noncompliant installations of our products.

The installation instructions include options for download and printing via the link provided, about which the following should be noted:

Clicking the Download/Print link will take the website visitor to a sign-in/register gateway. In this gateway, they will need to identify themselves as being a Consumer/Homeowner; Contractor/Installer; Code/Building Official; or Architect/Engineer.

Each of those categories carries a disclaimer making sure the user understands that the instructions are intended as guidance and that each situation may be unique. The visitor must acknowledge their responsibility to apply the information properly and their understanding that the result of that application is their responsibility as well.

Once a visitor has entered the appropriate information, an email will be sent to confirm their identity. This email again is an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions of the download and/or printing of the instructions.