Garden Windows - Let the Sunshine Stream into Your Home

Now you can truly enjoy the change of seasons. Capture warmth of winter’s sunlight and invite summer’s refreshing breezes into your home. Delight in the year-round display of plants and flowers. Let sunshine highlight your favorite accents. Visualize the added space a Garden Window gives to any room.

Specialty Features

  • Slim multi-chamber PVC vinyl extrusions create insulation through dead air space
  • Aluminum reinforcement in vinyl profiles
  • Multi-point locking hardware on vents for added security
  • Aluminum screens for ventilation
  • Aluminum, non-rusting hinges
  • Easy to turn, out-swinging vents for cross ventilation
  • Integral PVC dripcap on header to prevent outside leakage
  • 1/4″ PVC vinyl extruded Komocel inside jamb cover
  • Wire center shelf (standard) or optional tempered glass shelf
  • 3/16″ glass roof panel
  • 3/4″ Insulated glass
  • 3/4″ PVC vinyl extruded Komocel seatboard
  • Frames and sash fusion welded for optimum strength
  • Units available in all custom sizes
  • Optional tempered roof panel
  • Optional low-E argon gas fill
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