Grand View Design Options

Let Seaway Help You Design the GrandView Sunroom of Your Dreams

GrandView Sunroom Custom Design Options:

  • An existing deck or concrete slab forms the base of your GrandView sunroom
  • GrandView sunrooms look like they are part of the original construction. Sunrooms can be sided and shingled to match your home
  • Choose your window and door styles and configurations… swing doors, sliding windows, and sliding patio doors are standard
  • Maximize your viewing area with glass transoms, glass trapezoids, or glass knee walls. Or, increase your privacy with dent resistant wall panels
  • Choose from a gable roof style (peaking in the center) or a studio roof style (sloping away from the home)
  • You have ALL the interior design options of a traditional room addition

The Possibilities are Nearly Limitless!

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