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Seaway Now Offering Enhanced Bow & Bay Window Options to Homeowners

Posted on January 7th, 2014 at 1:54 PM
Seaway Now Offering Enhanced Bow & Bay Window Options to Homeowners

Seaway is pleased to announce exciting new enhancements to our Bow / Bay product line.

Seaway’s bow and bay windows will now come standard with a pre-insulated seat design comprised of layered 3/4″ exterior grade plywood and a 1″ High-Density Foam Core.  This enhanced insulated seatboard is thicker and stronger and yields an insulating value of R-9!

This enhanced, pre-insulated seat is available in three designs:

1 & 2.“Stop at the Jamb” or “Stop at Specific Distance from Inside”- Insulation stops at the outside wall, thus providing insulation where needed without reducing the overall height of the window.

3.“Entire Seat”- The insulation is completed on the entire seat.  This design is used when there is an obstruction near the sill area, prohibiting “stop at the jamb” design.

The vertical mullions in Seaway’s enhanced bow and bay window system are reinforced with threaded steel rods, attached between the head and seat, using counter-sunk weld nuts.  The weld nuts provide superior fastening capabilities as compared to standard screw-on nuts.   This bolted assembly provides for a sturdier bay or bow window frame.

Lastly, Seaway’s bow and bay windows now come standard with an adjustable, turnbuckle cable hanging system that can be secured to the soffit rafters or side wall studs and can be used with roof systems or fascia extension applications.   Each turnbuckle cable hanging system includes the following: screw-on eyehook mullion top, 5/16″ x 18×6-3/4″ hook and hook turnbuckle, 36″ length 1/8″ steel aviator cable and cable clamps, and 3/8″ x 3″ eye bolt lag screws.

Keep checking for more exciting product enhancements throughout the next few months!