Hope for a Cure.

Innovative, Non-Invasive Treatment for Cancer.

In 2002, John Kanzius was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and began receiving chemotherapy treatments, which were as ineffective as they were debilitating. After looking at the brave faces of children diagnosed with cancer, John came up with a thought that would become the impetus for his brilliant idea. By inserting metal probes into a frozen hot dog and exposing them to a radiowave field, he discovered that the parts that were exposed to the metal probes heated, while the rest of the hot dog remained cold. From the humble beginning in his garage (chronicled later on 60 Minutes), John began to draw on his knowledge of broadcast and electrical engineering to develop a better way to treat cancer using non-invasive radiowaves. Kanzius spent his entire career in broadcast engineering, and used his expertise to help establish the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation in 2008. The Foundation’s mission is to create the national and global awareness needed to raise the money which funds the research on John’s innovative treatment, which many believe may finally be a cure for cancer.  Please visit the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation web site to learn more about the Foundation and John Kanzius’ treatment.

Windows of Hope.

In 2011, Seaway launched Windows of Hope, its internal effort to help raise money for the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. We have chosen to stand in solidarity with the millions across the country, and those right here in our own community, who have chosen to support this cutting-edge research.

Seaway’s “Jeans Day” donations collected for the previous nine months and several memorial donations totaling nearly $1,000, were recently given to the Foundation. Throughout the remainder of 2011, Seaway will continue its internal efforts to raise money and awareness for this very worthwhile cause.

There has to be a better way.  We believe there is and we hope that together, we can

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